Container Service

(or) Launch Stacks

When you add a new deployment please refresh the page to get into the DEPLOYED STATE. This state refer your HTTP application is ready to serve the traffic



Q:What is Docker image ?
A Valid Docer image which is hosted in any Container Registry for example


Q: What is Container Port ?
A: A Service port which Docker Image expose, for example nginx default expose port is 80, tomcat default expose port is 8080

Q: Can i deploy other Docker Images which is not exposed by any port ?
A: Yes only the Service will not get exposed, you can still able to execute commands on those docker images

Q: Is this paid Service ?
A: No

Q: Is TLS Supported ?
A: Yes

Q: How long the Service will be deployed ?
A: This is a playground and i'm the only maintainer who is paying the bill so every day the service will purged and you need to re-deploy it

Q: How Many Docker images you can deploy ?
A: Every User can deploy MAX 6 docker images or you can reach out to me if you need more docker images

Q: Does it support stateful Applications
A: Working on it ? for now NO

Q: is Custom DNS Supported
A: YES, you need to contact me for the same